Dress Code

All members, guests and visitors should be suitably attired at all times. The dress code is in effect upon entry to the club property. It is the responsibility of the members to inform guests of the dress code requirements prior to their visits. All visitors should be appraised of the code by those attending them.


  • Proper men’s golf attire includes shirts with collars (with the acceptable exception of the mock turtleneck sleeved shirts made by golf clothing manufacturers), golf sweaters, sweater shirts, slacks, proper length shorts, and soft/spikeless golf shoes. The attire currently being sold in the Grand Haven Pro Shop shall be consideredallowable in keeping with the current trend. Men’s shorts should be no less than Bermuda-length shorts.
  • Proper attire does NOT include: T-shirts (unless specified by the Pro Shop for special tournaments), tank tops, mesh shirts, denim, cargo shorts/pants*, collarless shirts, short shorts, coaches’ shorts, swimwear, and sweatpants.
  • Proper ladies’ golf attire includes shorts with collars, tasteful sleeveless and/or collarless blouses, mid-thigh or longer shorts, and merchandise sold in the Grand Haven Pro Shop shall be considered allowable in keeping with the current trend.
  • Proper attire does NOT include: T-shirts (unless specified by the Pro Shop for special tournaments), tank tops, halter tops, denim, cargo shorts/pants*, tennis wear, sweatpants, or short shorts.
  • *Cargo shorts/pants are defined as those shorts/pants having singe/multiple OUTSIDE hanging pockets


  • Proper attire includes the above. Additionally, men must remove all headwear while in the Clubhouse, except when passing through. Golf shirts must be tucked in while in the Clubhouse, with the exception of banded shirts made for outside wear. Buttoned-down fashion shirts should be worn as intended (tailed shirts must be tucked in).
  • Ladies are asked to dress appropriately in the above golf wear or country club casual. Visors and fashion hats may be worn in the Clubhouse. Evening and Formal wear should be in good taste and follow the spirit of the above guidelines.
  • Proper Clubhouse attire does NOT include: T-shirts (unless approved for special tournaments by the Pro Shop staff), tank tops, denim of any kind, swimwear, halter tops, or short shorts.
  • Improperly dressed members or guests will be asked to change clothes. Our Golf Professionals and golf staff will be happy to assist you or your guests with appropriate attire that is available in the Pro Shop. Restaurant personnel shall inform management of any failure by members/guests to adhere to the dress code policy.
  • This policy pertains to all adults and children over the age of 8. Dress code cards are available in the Pro Shop for the purpose of informing your guests prior to their visits.

Thank you from your Team at Grand Haven Golf Club