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Private Lesson with Video Analysis

Video swing analysis is an excellent way to explain ball flight tendencies, plus it gives you a visual reference to a neutral motion pattern that can shape future practice sessions.


Practice Games
While you're developing and managing awareness of your golf swing, Practice Games will help make sure you don't become too swing conscious!

Designed to reveal, explain and support all the subtleties related to motion and emotion management; our Clinics are very important. Using team coaching techniques, the group dynamic nature of clinics can lessen the frustration of trying too hard individually. A little humor doesn't hurt either

Club Fitting and Gapping
With the use of Flightscope technology, we can fit you for a set of golf clubs that works best for your swing. Gapping is also offered to give you an average yardage that each club in your bag goes. The FlightScope has 16 data parameters and visual ball flight tracers that show exactly how far the ball goes, the spin rate of the ball, your club head speed, ball speed and many other important data points.

FlightScope and Blast Golf is used for putter fittings which measures distance control and direction of putts, along with the face angle at impact which is measured within a 10th of a degree.


Meet The Instructors


Billy Van Arsdale
Head Golf Professional | Phone: 386-445-2327 ext. 4 | Cell: 828-674-3596

I turned professional at age 20 and worked at various clubs in The Carolinas and Florida. I've taught golf for 45 years and played professionally extensively. I have two daughters, Miranda, a school teacher, and Jessica owns her own hair salon. I have lived in Palm Coast for 7 years and love it here. Some of my hobbies include: yoga, fishing and of course, golf.